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Plus levels is a fast and accessible way to do plus calculations in class or at home. Each level adds an extra decimal, from level 1 with one decimal, to level 10 with ten decimals. I recommend using it as one of the brain breaks below.

Levels brain break
Without the use of a calculator, each student have to solve each level within a given time (e.g. 30 sec / 1 min). They do so by calculating it on paper. When they’re done, they raise their hand. If their hand is raised when the time is up and they show the right answer, they move on to the next level. If they don’t have their hand up or get the answer wrong, they’re out of the game, but can still calculate along. The brain break is finished when no one gets a level correct or within the time, or if they manage to complete the last level.
Afterwards they can get a line on the downloadable scoreboard, which also can be used as an evaluation tool.

Elimination brain break
Everybody stands up. On turn, each student have to answer an equation on the spot, within a short timeframe (e.g. 5 sec / 10 sec), for this reason a lower level is picked. If they get it wrong, they must sit down. Once everyone have been through, the next level is picked and the process continues, until there’s few or no students left.

Early brain break
Choose a level for your class’ general arithmetic skills. Click next and let the students put up their hands when they know the answer. First student to put his/her hand up, gets a crack at the equation. If the student gets it right, the student can leave quietly for break, and the next equation is chosen. This is continued until the break or until X amount of students have completed the level.

30 + 30

100 + 100

1 050 + 3 303

55.400 + 22.505


105.076 + 205.788


1.046.050 + 4.500.250


50.340.201 + 10.305.506


404.669.120 + 101.523.605

lvl10 + 2.590.100.294

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