Would you rather?

Over a thousand would you rather questions for children and teenagers. The dilemmas do NOT contain questions about sex, drugs and alcohol, and are therefore perfectly suitable as a brain break at school or family entertainment at home.

Would you rather?

That the first aliens to make contact with Earth are robots
Organic creatures


How to play would you rather:
An announcer stands with the dilemmas, while the participants stand in front, facing the announcer. A dilemma is read aloud to the participants, while gesturing to the left for the first question and to the right for the second question. The participants must now decide which statement they agree with the most and move to that side. When all the participants have chosen a side, the announcer can ask about their choice, for which the participants must defend it.

Why use it as a brain break?
The activity is both fun, cosy, bizarre and thought-provoking, and super easy to do. It creates good cohesion and understanding among people when you stand with others of the same opinion, but at the same time have to listen to those who think differently. Finally, it promotes the ability to make quick decisions and argue for one’s choices.

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